Join the United Geeks Network

The United Geeks Network is an online media network dedicated to spreading geek culture. Board Games, Television, Movies, Books, Comics, Kickstarter, etc.. If you have an online presence (or are looking to start one), a geek level passion for your subject matter, and want to work within a like-minded group; United Geeks Network could be the place you’re looking for to help spread the word!

You can broadcast your geekiness here!

We have a few guidelines we like to follow.  Give them a look, and if this seems like the type of place you want to belong to; fill out the form below to start the review process!


United Geeks Network Guidelines:

  1. Embrace your inner geek! We’re not here to tell you what is and isn’t a geek topic. If you have a geek level passion for and that comes off clearly in your presentation; that’s what we’re looking for!
  2. You must have, or plan on having, regular and consistent content. We want people to enjoy your content, and for them to be able to do that you have to put content out on a regular basis.
  3. Cross-promotion! We want all United Geeks Network members to have a chance to grow their audiences. So we expect cross-promotion within your medium. For example, we provide audio ads (or you can make your own) that we expect podcast members to rotate in and play at the end of their show. Bloggers might showcase a member from time to time. etc…
  4. Any other network you belong to must be ok with you being in multiple networks. We don’t mind sharing the love, but not all networks will. We’re not looking to poach or steal you away from another network. So make sure you know where you stand before joining.
  5. We will showcase your feed on the United Geeks Network site. We’ll pull in your RSS feed and give posts for your latest content. That content will link back to your main site to help drive traffic to you.
  6. We will showcase your logo at the top of the United Geeks Network main page. We need a 300×300 image for your logo.